lunes, 11 de enero de 2021

Deviations theory

 Let's talk about how we spend our time throughout our life. At least through all our adult life.

To start, let's imagine the human being as someone who wants to get something important at the end of his life. Some following a purpose.

Now let's imagine the society as the place where every human being tries to accomplish that purpose.

Have you got it?

Ok. Now let's imagine that every human being spends his entire life working towards the completion of that purpose. 

Yes, I know. This model does not resemble real life. In real life we cannot spend all of our time trying to accomplish our inner purpose. We have other things to do. We have to pay bills, fix things, solve all kinds of problems...

In the Deviation model, every distraction of the work a human being must do in order to get his inner objective is called a deviation. It derives its name from the image of a route to a specific destination.

How does it work?

Let`s retake our imagination exercise by imagining that our life is like a trip to a desired destination. Let's think of it as an Uber trip where you can use the App to watch the entire route. Now let's imagine that once the trip starts, the driver asks you to let him change the original route to go to a friend`s home to pick something. As you think that you have plenty of time, you agree to that. Then, the driver asks you to change the route again. This time he wants to buy some coffee. You agree again. Then...

Do you get it?

We can use the Uber trip analogy as a model of our adult life. In this analogy, the original destination represents our inner purpose, the route shown is our working plan to get that objective and all the detours, the moments in which we forget our original plan to do something else.

What are the main source of deviations in real life? Normally our job. 

Every time we sign a contract with a company, we are selling our time. We agree deviating ourselves from our ideal route to go around doing things that

are important for others, our bosses, not necessarily to us. 

Some people get the marvelous situation in which the ideal route matches the one required by our patrons. 

Some other people get the regrettable situation in which the demanded route is opposite to the ideal one.

Most of the people struggle between those two extremes.

Is it really possible to get the perfect situation in which our job matches our plan to get our inner purpose? Yes, indeed. There have been millions of people in this situation. 

Let's think about famous people.  Stephen Hawking. Do you think Mr. Hawkins worked that many hours thinking about physics because it was required by his boss? Nop. He did it because it was his most deep desire. Incidentally, the University of Cambridge paid him for doing this. Great! The same applies to hundreds of other famous and millions of not famous people.

So, every time you are accepting a work contract, you have to think not as much about how interesting or amusing are the chores of the job, as how aligned are with your plan to reach your inner objective.

Of course, all this works if you indeed have an inner objective for your life.

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